Catnip Edizioni S.a.s. is a fresh new digital publishing house based in Italy.
We focus on science-fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller and “choose your own adventure” books, and our goal is to publish and promote both Italian authors and translations of foreign authors’ works.

Why would you consider translating your work into Italian?

At Catnip Edizioni we strongly believe in the power of reading, and we’re sure there are so many masterpieces out there who don’t get enough recognition because they’re not enough widely promoted. We’re not only going to offer you a high quality translation of your work, but we’re also going to invest time in promoting the translated ebook all around social networks and book fairs in our country, doing as much as we can to make it become a hit in Italy.

We are not going to ask you to invest any money in the project. Our earnings will depend on the sales of the ebook in our website and all the platforms we’ll deem adequate, and that’s the reason you can be sure we’ll do our best in promoting your work. You will receive a percentage of the revenues as it will be stated in the contract you’d receive in case we accept your manuscript.

Did we convince you? Please take a look at our guidelines before sending us your manuscript!

  • The manuscript should belong to one of the following genres: science-fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller and choose-your-own-adventure. Any crossover between genre is accepted and encouraged!
  • The manuscript must not be incomplete.
  • We accept novellas (from 10.000 to 40.000 words) and novels (from 40.001 words and up). We do not accept short stories or poetry collections.
  • You must own the rights of the translation of your work or be a self-published author. (In case you published your work through a publishing house, you can find the answer in your contract; it should be stated if you own the translation rights or if the publishing house does instead.)

If your manuscript fits our requests, please send an email to, stating the title of your manuscript in the object, with the following material:

  • Name, last name, age and pen name, in case you wish to use one;
  • Email address you’d like to be contacted to;
  • Genre (science-fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller, choose-your-own-adventure);
  • An attachment with a synopsis in less than 1000 words in .doc, .docx or .rtf format;
  • An attachment with a selection of two/three chapters in .doc, .docx or .rtf format;
  • An attachment with the complete manuscript in .doc, .docx or .rtf format.

The author will receive a response, be it positive or negative, in less than two months. In case you have any doubts regarding this before sending us your manuscript, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form in the contacts page.

We’re thrilled to hear from you!